About Us

We began as mechanics many decades ago. In the summer of 1985 we bought our first truck with a blown engine and had it running in no time, but with no work. We first started moving containers from the rails and ports of Los Angeles and move on to moving furniture, materials such as sand, gravel, asphalt and other constructions materials we also moved machinery, then in 1989 we were introduced into produce. Since then we have specialized in this Industry. With 30 years in the Transportation Industry we have gone through lots of equipment. Now we are 100% California ARB compliant.


Cold Storage Warehousing in Los Angeles

Our Cold Storage & Warehousing began November 1, 1998 when a customer needed dry storage service. Within a few months we were required to include refrigeration. Now we offer cold and dry warehousing and blast room service. With a strategic location in Los Angeles we are close to all major freeways. Our service is personal with us you are not a number, but a friend in business

Oseguera Cold Logistics

With our Cold Storage Warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles and close to all major freeways we are always close to you. We are minutes from the produce market for ASAP deliveries and minutes away from major chain stores in Los Angeles area.